Best Manga-Style Comic presented by DarkGesen

Niccea on Nov. 16, 2011

Congratulations to Rangetsu!
This banner was made in Japan (not really):

This presentation drawn by DarkGesen.
Critics’ Acclaim
It’s supposed to be happening in the 1500’s during the Catholic/Lutherans uprising, something you don’t see every day in manga. It manages to keep me interested,  so I’m giving this one my vote.
It constantly amazes me how much detail and effort people are able to put into a free online comic! Rangetsu is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I'm not sure of the artist's process, but it looks to me as if the intro is done all in watercolour, switching to digital later on.
I found the protagonist to be profound with his views, although i disagree with some, he made very good points and I actually respected that character.

The top nominee by popular vote was Koji Takahashi (Stops the World).