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Niccea on Sept. 14, 2012

Congratulations to Vanguard!
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Critics Acclaim
Vanguard is a refreshingly down-to-Earth reevaluation of the superhero. It places its characters in a real world, where people aren't so black-and-white good or evil, and where violence isn't sanitized and heroic.
(I liked) the complexity of the big plot, which has many points, characters, motivations and points of view. Colors and characters are bright and some action scenes are really enjoyable to look at.
The super-powered cast have to deal with health issues, career dilemmas, public relations, there are spotlight-hogging sellout celebrity superheroes. It uses the superhero genre as a lens to make astute and sometimes scathing insights on modern society

The top nominee by popular vote was a tie between Bombshell and Super Temps.