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Niccea on Oct. 27, 2016

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Congratulations to irrevenant, El Cid, Peipei, Jerrie, KimLuster, and Bruno Harm!

Here are your trophies:

This presentation was made by Dragonaur.

Some Praises Included…

Jerrie, he does so many comics regularly it's unbelievable

Bruno Harm, has a great little comic and has embraced the community and gotten involved in community projects.

Awards Announcement
Usually these awards take up the last day of presenting. However, there are a couple of emergency presentations on their way in. We should be wrapping up the rest of the awards tomorrow or the 31st. I’ll also have a post for the comics that won by default rather than by judging on Halloween.

There is still time for extras and acceptance/concession speeches. I’ll be accepting them until November 4th.