First Place!!

Inkmonkey on July 13, 2007

The winners, and our new Drunk Duck King and Queen are:
Kit and Kira Nitestream!!

Suzi asked that this be posted:
“Apologies to my readers who already saw me use this trick earlier this week :p

Anyway, I had loads of fun doing this and I think Kit did too, writing the answer to the questions each week and helping me out. Congrats to everyone who stuck it out all three weeks, especially those of us who won! We got to draw more, yaay!”


And Kitty D had this to say:
Kira Nitestream the Drunk Duck Beauty Queen!
Heh, didn't think she'd win everyones enteries were fantastic and creative.
Thanks to everyone who voted for her and congrats to all the winners. I
can't believe I'm still alive after what I made Kira go through. XD But
don't let Kira's violent way to solving something scare you, she is a kind
and caring person when she feels like being so.
This page was a bit rushed but I got it in. I literally had one day to work
on it (I've been busy) before the end of the month.

~Obey the MooCow~
-Kathy Diaz (kitty17)

I'm glad I finally got to post these. I really enjoyed reading them and was anxious to let others see them ^_^

well, it's been fun! If ya'll need help running another contest-type thing just hit me up. I'll begrudgingly help out again, lol.

el_gato_demente at yahoo dot com

The first page of the update can be seen here (along with a new backstage comic ^_^)