That inevitable notice...

pastel on July 28, 2020

It's no surprise for me to come to say this, it's been leading up to it for quite a while, but this comic is definitely on a hiatus now.
Why I choose to use that term instead of saying it's just “dead” and “over” is that I do plan to tell this story on my own terms once I'm more sure of my ability to do so.
For a while now I've been drawing almost daily on my sketch blog on tumblr. You may follow me there if you like. If I do announce ELO–or any other comic project of mine, it'll be there. There I also post progress shots of any future comic ideas I have.
You may also try to keep track of my work through twitter or deviantart.
Thank you very much to everyone who stuck through with me for the 3 years ELO was running. It was a very important project dear to my heart, and your support meant more than I can ever actually express. Thank you again, and sorry I couldn't finish this project more… linearly.
Thank you very much again, and sorry it came to this :(