Issue 1 Cover (new version)

repoman on Dec. 6, 2009

Howdy again. I'm taking a slight break from the main story this week and featuring a re-do cover for issue 1.

I was never satisfied with the original cover for issue 1. Mostly, I thought Kyri should have been on the cover and it should have featured something from the story. Now that I think about it, when I did the original cover, I wasn't sure what the story was about entirely or whether Kyri Thunderhead was even going to appear at all. So maybe that's why she wasn't on the cover – LOL. So here is my second stab at it.

This one was done old-skool with a brush, ink, and bristol board. In fact it's the only non-digital piece so far in the Endstone run. The colors (flats) were completed in Photoshop.

Issue 3 starts next week. Tune in as the whole issue is going to be one drag-down, knock-out extravaganza.

Responses from last week's comments:
plymar - Thanks again for your support.
Juvenile Jay - the love just keeps getting tougher and tougher in issue 3
Ironscarf - Thanks. My background is actually in film rather than art and I try to approach my layouts like the storyboards for a film. At least that's the goal.
Crimsonskystudio - thanks for stoppin' by.
Doctor Shadow Thanks. The kick in the face was a last minute addition to the page.
Lemniskate - And they're not really all angry at each other — yet.
SoItBegins - Actually this family was happy - relatively at least– for a socially taboo, cross-species union between two powerful stoners. I think we could just be catching them at a bad time.
dueeast - Thanks! This page went through many revisions so I'm glad it worked for you.
theends , Zephyrion , armandoB - Thanks folks. I really appreciate you stoppin' by.
DAJB - Nothing like a chick fight for the Holidays. Always tops on my Christmas wish list.
amanda - Strange. Maybe it's time for a movie on the Great Chicago Fire as it's in the collective unconsciousness. Hey if they can make a movie about 2012. . .
Adam Black - Thanks Adam I appreciate the comment. John Buscema is one of my heroes.
khard12 - Ain't family reunions grand?
theBSDude , AzuJOD , I Am The 1337 Master, Brogan , Hugo Maximo , TheMidge28, and DragonDeadite - Thanks folks. I really appreciate your continued support.
Streetknight - Don't ever let them tell you it's the season to be jolly. It's a lie.
Andaren - No she's not daddy's girl anymore. I wonder if they have support groups for father's who have been battered by their daughters.
MeHighLow - Thanks again for stoppin' by.
SCAScott and mattchee - Thanks. I'm glad you like that last panel. That panel with the flying kick was actually going to be Kyri standing in the shadows, but I changed my mind and redrew this panel at the last minute.
GF255 - Thanks. I hope you stop by again.

See you next week and keep on keepin' on.