Fusion Interruption

EssayBee on March 3, 2020

Some bad news. There's been a bunch of stuff going on in real life for the past few months, and a lot of the stuff I've been doing is catching up to me. Chief among these things is lots of DIY home-improvement work as well as some minor medical issues. (Nothing serious medically speaking; just the past year or so, I seem to have developed an issue with migraines, and these buggers can knock me out for a couple of days when they hit.) All of this has contributed to a bit of burn-out, so that I've been struggling to keep up with my comic work (and is the reason I've missed a few updates here and there). I'm gonna take a break from posting for the month of March to give myself a chance to recharge a bit. I'll still be working on Fusion (and Dude in Distress), but at a slightly slower pace, so that I should have a buffer of a few weeks when I begin posting again.

Posting on Fusion will resume on April 7. See you then!