Everbodys Sonics Friend #1

SuperSonAmy104 on Dec. 20, 2008

Yes these might look familiar. Thats because they are. I am SuperSonic104. Listen, my account started having problems and I wanted to change the thumbnail, and now it wont let me log on to my account. I tried so many ways, but it just wouldnt let me. It just has completly screwed up. So I started a new account, and now Im SuperSonAmy104. Im gonna load up a few comics I made so you know that Im SuperSonic104. But then Ill continue where I left off, Ill just put some so it catches up to where I was, and Ill continue on the 26th. Ericthehedgheog, please give me advice. Im not SuperSonic104 anymore, Im SuperSonAmy104 now.