Chapter 1: Of Kings And Dragons - Page 1

mlai on Aug. 2, 2007

About This Comic
FIGHT 2 is a strange crossover fan comic. Characters from many obscure source works are mysteriously gathered together on a desolate world, their minds as barren and pristine as the landscapes before them. The only instruction left to them is one cryptic word on a single piece of paper that they all find on their persons. That's the entire plot. Everything that follows afterwards is wilderness survival and faithful characterization. I have no idea if these people will have chemistry, because I didn't create them. Let's just turn on the bunsen burner, and find out.

This story is to be read simultaneously with FIGHT 1, my other comics title uploaded on DD:

Written by me, edited by Ed Bangalan.
Chapter 1 colourist and letterer is Ed Bangalan. I did the penciling and inks.
Small banner colours courtesy of Lifestream. Top large banner colours courtesy of Whirlwynd and JustNoPoint. Thank you both.