Final Blasphemy: Deconstructed/Demolished Act 1: Credits Page

jercoxthealmighty on March 31, 2010

That's right folks. I've taken entirely too long to get this far, but it's finally happening!

For those who haven't been following my occasional updates here and on Don Josh's page, the finale shall be divided up into five acts. This is the first. I'm hoping against hope to get Act 2 out toward the end of April, but no promises.

I will state, though, that I already have the entirity of Act 2 done in rough copy, which I most certainly did not have during the writing of Act 1, so… who knows?

Anyhoo, unlike most of FB, I've actually posted commentary under some of the pages when I actually have something to say about them. Just lettin' ya know.

Anyhoo, without further ado, move the drop-down menu on down to “Final Blasphemy: Deconstructed/Demolished Act 1: Page 1” and begin!

(God, I hope I never have to do another credits page that huge again. I hope this, yet I know better…)