Cold on March 17, 2007

Mike's words have been censored to avoid legal action. Insert your own most hated comic strip in the gaps. But don't tell me about it because I honestly can't be bothered with negativity about someone else's work. Except Richard Singleton of Friends Vorever. That was like Garfield except with two gay dragons who eat each other. It's called Vorarephilia and I don't know how it gets started, really.

I probably should have done a strip about Mother's Day today but Floyd and Mike don't have mothers, and besides I think most of my readership is probably American so they'd be all “WTF IT IS NOT MAY” and I'd be all “whatevs dudes” and then we'd probably kill each other or have cakes or something

Floyd is referring to the guest strip you can still see at While you're there, read the archives of the strip too, it's fantastic. Also he's been doing it since 2000, so it'll keep you occupied while I finish the wiring.