Title Chp1

Cthulhu on Aug. 6, 2010

Oh, God. I'm actually doing this? Okay.

So yeah, I've been here for like four damn years, and this is going to be my first real comic. Isn't that something? The idea came to me once I had a realization - pretty much every band ever has consisted of four skinny white guys.

From left to right:
Jebidiah, the bassist. He uses a headless bass, mostly to help distinguish it from a guitar. Also notable for being the only band member able to grow facial hair.

Drew, the drummer. Uses a minimalist setup, only because he doesn't know that other drums even exist. Has been using the same setup since he was five years old.

Scott, the vocalist. He's also a poet at heart, but is most of the time complaining about something. Most likely, the other band members.

Bobby, the guitarist. He has long hair, and listens to a lot of music an indie guitarist probably shouldn't listen to. Also has extreme scoliosis.

This'll update regularly. I promise. Twice a week at the least.