Frank and Vinny #50 - Cameos!?

crocty on Nov. 19, 2007

PAGE 50! YAY! I did special cameos aswell! Y'all better like it! IT WAS HARD!
(I know some of you have crummy drawings, SUE ME!)
These are the characters that were in it…
Donaque from The Zoo at Home.
Sir TP wigwam, and Kip Noctambulist from The Unitary Authority of Ersatz.
Pancakes from LOLZ.
Lunch-break from Goosetown and Lunch break.
Zorphbert from Zorphbert and Fred. (no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't draw Fred D': )
Dan from Mac AHoles.
Adam Ant from Ant comics.
Genesis and Fayt from Dreams of 1337ness.
Bobby Mono from Bobby Mono's Crappy Comics.
Bobsleigh Goldberg from Hukkah!
And Derricco from CDLM! (Yeah crummy drawing, I mean it, sue me. SUE ME FOR EVERYTHING I OWN!)
And there in the final panel are, Melvin, from Raw fish?
and (yes I found a place for him) from Blood/hound
I like how the blood/hound came out, sure I drew him in his easiest pose ever, but I like the blood effect! :D
Now that that's over, check out the Cameo Frank and Vinny got in the 50th Ant comic which you can find right HERE! I'll probably put it in my fanart section sometime…when I can be bothered :P
I also got some “Fanart” from Jurbas which you can find here.
Master Croccington OUT!
(You know, next to the 50th Ant comic, this looks really…blah)