Game Over Art : Out of Order

Minwind on Oct. 12, 2007

About the picture Its pretty simple they where trying to be all solid snake style of sneaking around at Ry’s job. (Believe or not to works in a high paying office building in a cubical.(he a part timer)) Trying to change his pay check for and extra 500 bucks. Alex thought if she went it would boost her stealth skills for her WOW char. Clyde is always up for some craziness with Ry if he not to tired. Raphael thinks he doing a noble deed for the poor commoners No Name just a push over and cant say no to anyone. And Prox just got swept along with everyone begging him to go. So on there quest they where found out and went racing off to the nearest exit the elevator too bad it was out of order.

I did this pic right after I did that coin battle thing and I was going not draw finishing moves pics for the battles and I stare to draw Alex and I want her to do a hand stand kick move but some how I starting drawing Ry and I though it would be cool if there feet we touching and it kind of just went from there. ( that’s how most of Game Over art seems to going try doing something and it turns into to something completely 180 of what I intended.)

I drew Raphael last ( For some reason he always the last to be drawn in any picture ) so that’s why his head seems to small well his whole body seems small. Originally it was suppose to be Porx who Raphael was clinging to and No name hanging off Ry’s leg but I want to show the hands on Ry’s legs so I chose Porx cause No Names hair would of blocked it. This is my third picture where I have drawn the cast in basically the same out fit with one difference ( the shoes for this picture) I like uniforms so that’s probably why.