Ryjia on Nov. 30, 2011

Technically I cannot call it a conclusion just yet, as I believe there will be a lot more unfinished projects to come, but I felt that I needed to write a little bit about this.

I have improved a lot, but the improvement brings bad things too. I used to be very spontanuous and just draw comics when I felt like it without really thinking about it. Now I'm just afraid to start a new webcomic. I've had this grand idea for a new webcomic for quite some time now and I'm drawing characters and writing scripts, but I am afraid to actually start drawing the pages, because I am afraid I wil not keep it up. I didn't use to care about that much, but nowadays I feel very frustrated if I don't finish what I started.

I'm just overthinking everything these days. On one hand it gives me some structure, on the other handthere is a great lack of spontaneity.

To be more spontanuous I started this comic: Tom and Drake, just for the sake of it.

All of my unfinished webcomics did bring some good things though. I have really improved and I am more disciplined. I have joined the Tea Tales project, a Dutch doujinshi circle. We make comics, put them in books and sell them online and at conventions.

I still make comics, but they're much shorter now and of higher quality as they're meant to be printed. There's Perfect (a girls love story) for Butterfly Kisses. Perfect is a remake of this concept. There's Switch (a story set on a school in the UK) for Tales of Bluebury 2. Switch is about a boy and a girl who've Switched uniforms. Lastly there's Letters for Tomorrow with two stories; To Break (a very conceptual thing without text) and That's Enough (an edit of this comic).

Please check them out if you have time and money.

Overall it's been quite the journey. Do enjoy the things you find in the Garbage Bin if you want to.