DD Awards Nominee

Tedmund on Aug. 1, 2010

After looking through one of my favorite comics I noticed a good friend of mine named Von whom owns a comic on DD called “I got it in my mouth” which is a pretty damn good comic! He left a description about a nomination for Go For It. Please check out Von's comic “I got it in my mouth” and be sure to add Von to your friends list. Also, Von is awesome! :3

Anyway, lets begin with another reasonable excuse for my lack of interest in updating :P. See… I have something called a life now. And its been getting in the way of my ‘free time’ quite a lot.

I'm still working on my other comic(s), but Go For It surely isn't dead. I will keep stressing that as many times possible! I will get around to updating this comic frequently really soon :S!

Now I want to thank everyone for nominating me for an award… for the second time :D! When Von had mentioned it to me on his comic's description box, I decided to make this strip within the last 2 hours…. And now I'm bloody tired! I need some sleep :P.

I will say this though, I do not deserve any award. I'm way to busy to even work on this comic. Its sad to see other people like Von and Drasnus unable to receive any nomination at all. Please people, check out their comics! Its totally awesome!!!

Anyway, Good Morrow and Good Night~