134-The Comeuppance

Tedmund on May 9, 2010

Well, once again, this is another late update…. really late!
I'm not dead, nor am I finished with this comic yet! I've just been really busy.

And since the fan mails keep asking I'll just give everyone a brief explanation to what I've been doing these past months.

Lately, I've taken up on advanced web designing. Learning some pretty intense programming (PHP,MYSQL,PERL). I'm trying to build my own community website (can't give too much information). God knows when I'll ever complete it. But right now I'm still currently in ‘Learning Mode’.

Another thing I've been doing is planning out a new comic script. Pretty much where my Wacom Tablet comes in handy. I'll be uploading a new comic soon, under a new pen name (or new account) :P. Its rather ‘Cartoonish Furry’ like. Yeah, that 4-fingered hand stuff.

I also dropped out of High School for a bunch of reasons, and then got my Good-Enough-Diploma, and now I'm in College (Don't regret any of it).

So in other words, A LOT OF HEAVY STUFF WENT DOWN!!!!