Recipes an' shit. (Ch. 3 Pg. 14)

taradaga on Feb. 17, 2009

I'm so bad at drawing Four consistently. He looks different all the time. OH WELL. I'm pleased with how his parents came out.

I'm still in shock over the being featured thing. Can't believe it! Comics are pretty much my life so this is a HUGE, huge honour for me. So just thanks thanks again. I know I keep saying it, but really. I am, like, the happiest I've been in forevers. And thanks so much for all the congratulations. I hope everyone sticks around. I'd love to get to know you all.

Also! You may have noticed I have a new top banner and buttons, thanks to Skullbie of the wonderful comic, Plastic. I'm so grateful! Looks so swanky.


Emily_Elizabeth: I do, indeed, use a tablet. I first draw the picture out on paper, and then scan, and then digitally ink.

Next update: I HOPE to update before Saturday. If not, definitely Sunday.