Spencer is doing something bad. As usual. (Ch. 3 Pg. 18)

taradaga on Feb. 28, 2009

Oh I liked doing this page! Mostly because Miss Mary is HELLA fun to draw. So yeah, next few pages will be me making love to Mary all over the place. She's so … shiiiinyyyy. *mesmorised*

The next week will be EEEH on updates. There is a shit load I've been procrastinating on so that I could work on comic pages that can't be put off any longer, PLUS, I might have to be GASP! social next Sunday, which is my only day off. I will try to fit it in … I hope to have a least two done this week, but if there is one I'll try not to be disappointed in myself. HA!

Good news is I might have three days off in March sometime?