It's easy to make judgments when you are outside of the problems. (Ch. 3 Pg. 23)

taradaga on March 21, 2009

This is another one of those pages I feel like I've been staring at for too long not because I actually have, but because I've worked on it in short spurts over quite a few days due to busyness. THUS! I do not like it too much. Beh. Sorry to the comics on DD that I usually frequent and comment on, I've just been too busy this week, but I will get back on that!

I was hoping to have two pages up today, but then I fell asleep in the afternoon. And since this is the only day I get off, I try not to feel bad about the decisions I make because … it's the only day I can do whatever I want, so I should do whatever I want whether that includes falling asleep in the middle of the day or making more comic. OOOH well. I'm going to work on the next page tonight we'll see how far I get! Probably since I fell asleep I'll be up until two in the morning anyway.

Also, check it! That is, if you haven't already. Such wonderful art on this interview! Good job, Hyena Hell.