#1 - Not So Secret Origin

CartoonistWill on July 1, 2017

This is a Christian comic I conceived back in 2004 or 2005.

Today's strip, the origin, is more of the basic concept of Gospelman. It is presented in a way that is directed more towards much younger audiences, although my desire is to present the series to a broader range of readers.

Christian entertainment is an almost completely untapped market and I have a desire to both teach and entertain in a way that hopefully won't put people to sleep and will not insult their intelligence (something most religious and secular kids' edutainment fails to do).

There are plans to make a Gospelman series for three different age ranges: Young readers as seen above (age 8-10), Everyone (the GM comic strip), and older audiences (Teens 13/16 ). Gospelman for older audiences will be marked appropriately as to caution parents, much like certain episodes of “Adventures in Odyssey.”

When commenting, due to the controversial feelings and thoughts that politics and religion often bring up, remember to always comment in a mature and professional way. Thank you.

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