We are BACK!

Sir_Ryan on Sept. 2, 2007

Sir-Ryan: Yes the strip says it all, we are back!!

Ireland was a very enjoyable experiance and i'm glad i went.

We also have good news =]

Me and Tom both got our GCSE results back, Tom did exceedingly well, and myself did much better than i expected XD

Tom is off to Henely College, to study some crazy ICT mumbojumbo (may mean we get an improved site =P)

I myself am going to Amershem, and I will be study a 1 year Drama first diploma course!!

So yeah were back, and updates begin again.

Oh this is our first coloured strip, i plan to many more like this, but of much better quality, this was rushed, because i realised we hadn't updated in a while. So yeah it begins!!… again

Thanks for reading Ryan