Coquin Preview

gregoryfloch on Oct. 22, 2019

So, years ago, after Hacking Human failed to get a publisher, both Floch and I (Rob the Writer) tried a variety of ways to repurpose the concept, mostly because we weren’t done and couldn’t get the characters out of our heads. Our first attempt was…well…redrawing Hacking!! And we did this many times. Then we tried making “New Hacking”, and publishers didn’t get it either. And then, when I was in college, a feminist paper I belonged to wanted a comic. TLDR, I was bored and wanted an excuse to do comics again, so I asked Floch what he felt about doing a feminist comic. He said sure, and declared that sexiness was feminism. Free Love!! And welp, after I initially tried to get him to tone the sexy down I…well…just went with the flow. And surprisingly, alt universe Selena and Heinrich were fun to work with!! Though like with Hacking, it remained on our hard drives for a few years.

So now, we’d like to share with you Coquin, a somewhat sexy comic about a feminist and a traditionalist sharing an apartment together. We hope you enjoy.
You can check out the comic itself here