Happy 4th of July!

Bluesox on July 1, 2010

Uhhh Hi! I haven't updated for a long time! I'm sorry. But actuaaally, I'm 82sure I won't be doing this comic anymore. But I will be starting a new one that I think will be much better. When I get it going I'll make sure you all know about it.

But anyway, thanks to all who have been reading, it's been pretty uneventful with sloppy art and all that. But I'm not putting this one in the trash. Mb I'll update every now and then after a while. So to anyone who cares; sorry! This is only the beginning!!
If any of you want to keep following what I do my deviantart is ajbluesox http://ajbluesox.deviantart.com/ THANX!! X)

P.S. These characters r Piper, Esper, then Yunayra. Esper is from the comic I'm still (not very consistently doing for my sister) and Yunayra is going to be my new character. ^_^ (They're watching fireworks)