MonkeyMafia on Dec. 4, 2008

Finally I seem to be acting one one of the scripts I've been writing over the past… year? Last month one other script made it to art production but was shelved after the completion of three pages due to scripting problems in an early scene… so expect that to pop up sometime in the future.
For now, it's all about HENCHMEN. I'm really excited about this. I see this as my first real comic, as Hellfire was sort of a crash course in the technicalities of how to produce a comic. Each page of Hellfire only tended to be written a day or two beforehand, so it was a really messy story. But then again, it was produced exclusively for the DD Civil War.
This, however, has a full plan. The script is coming together really nicely and it's all round just a much more solid story than Hellfire. I hope you all enjoy it.
Updates won't begin for a few weeks- sorry! But they will be fairly continuous when they do start.