HA #0 Cover by Abt_Nihil

Abt_Nihil on March 24, 2010

Longest cover ever! :P Artwork is provided by myself (but I trust many of you will already have figured that out during the last two weeks). Links to the individual characters' comics can be found below the comments… except for Bleeder (the lady at the bottom of the page), for whom I'll still have to make a banner ^_^

And thus I welcome you all to the long-awaited spin-off/sequel/successor to Heroes Unite, the dd-Award-winning superhero community project. Initially created by Nepath and Spudsy, Nepath invited me as one of the first five artists to contribute to HU #1, and so far I've been the only one beside him to write and coordinate HU chapters (EGO and FURY). But Heroes Alliance is here to change that! We've already got a bunch of great writers on board, some of whom you'll know from your other favorite superhero webcomics, and others you might get to know here for the first time. Since HA would be nothing without them, I'll make sure to introduce all of our contributors along the way. So stay tuned!

For now, special mention should go to Sebastian Sandberg, who will make his dd debut as a writer, artist and series coordinator on HA, and Alan Reyes aka fukujinzuke, who went above and beyond everyone's expectations during the long planning stage the past few months. Couldn't have done it without you guys!

Sometime during the middle of last year, Nepath has made it clear to me that in the near future, HU will be woven more tightly into his own stories. As he exerts more control over it, HA is stepping from HU's shadow to take over its role as a community project (which doesn't mean that HU will end, but change). At the same time, we're trying to expand, just as I tried to expand the HU universe when I wrote and directed EGO (and the title may have been hinting at how pleasant an experience this has been for my own EGO as well ^_^). And hopefully, we'll be able to tell some memorable stories along the way!

For now, HA will update Mondays and Thursdays.

And don't forget – if you're interested in contributing (as a writer, artist, designer or creator) please take a look at the forums where you can sign up (or just PQ me).

Thanks a lot for your support!

In other news: Relik relaunches today, so check it out! (EDIT: Nope, the relaunch was delayed… sorry!)