HA #4 cover by lustyJin

Abt_Nihil on May 29, 2011

Starting the first chapter to be written by fukujinzuke is a gorgeous cover created by lustyJin, starring her character Romey Lu a/k/a Bleeder.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Now, I have a very important announcement to make.

I just learned that our pal, (and long time collaborator) Hero lost his house in a fire.

You're a master coordinator, so I'm turning to you:
Is there anything we (as a community) can do to help him?
Set-up a donation fund, a benefit comic? Something…

Let me know if this is something you'd want to spearhead. I'll assist in whatever capacity you may need.
As a first and quickest means to help, I installed a paypal donation button (on the right side, above the links to the HA print versions). 100% of the money donated there will go to Hero. Secondly, I propose we do special commissions and donate the proceeds. If you're an artists, and would like to take on some of these commissions, please comment here or PQ me. I hope to have such a commission system up and running within the next few days, so we can help Hero as soon as possible. If you are interested in supporting Hero by buying a commission along these lines, please comment as well, and I'll get back to you. (Suggestions about prices are welcome - I was thinking about $5 for sketches, $10 for lineart, $20 for colored drawings.) I'll handle the incoming money, and I'll do this 100% openly by posting a list indicating who's donated how much, so everyone knows that the money they donated actually goes where it's supposed to go. If some of you would like to donate anonymously, please give me an alias for the list.
I'm also thinking about putting out a special HA book to raise money, but this might take a while (ka-blam/indyplanet usually needs a month for printing alone) and I haven't yet had the time to think this through thoroughly - but my first thought was, since we haven't released HA #0 in print yet, we could do a special “limited version” of the book with a new cover and sell it for around $7, so approx. 5$ could be donated for each book sold. If you have any ideas, or suggestions about how we can raise more money or improve on my suggestions, please tell me.