HA #4 Pg. 15 by MrHades

Abt_Nihil on Aug. 23, 2011

Fukujinzuke says:
This very awesome page was brought to you by MrHades, author/artist of Vanguard, artist of Retake! And if you've read either or both, you know that MrHades is top-knotch for action-sequence delivery! Be sure to check out his other works, both previously featured here on DD!
Time's runnning out for HA hero/villain pin-ups! Squeeze them in and send them my way! It could be your own hero/villain or even someone else's! It could be retro, present, or even soon to appear! Looking forward to ‘em, so send ’em on PQ or even email to fukujinzuke@hotmail.com