Handsome and Ransom

Abt_Nihil on Sept. 22, 2011

Fukujinzuke says:
Meet Handsome and Ransom, henchmen extraordinaire.

“Handsome” Chris Sly
(formerly known as “Ladykiller”)
Chris is the smooth-talking, cool, collected henchman that the women from all walks of life just find irresistable. Maybe it's the sense of style, the confident demeanor, or the sure step. In any case, women find themselves utterly helpless and confused around Chris… especially when they find out Chris is short for Christine, and their new-found infatuation is a woman cloaked in an Armani suit with a pocketful of sweets.
Powers/Abilities: Unknown

Ransom Lee Givens
Born and bred a trouble-maker, there was no secret about what kind of life Ransom would eventually lead. Had he been born smart, he might have had the qualifications to become a top dog supervillain on his own, but not all baddies come with a genius brain.
Powers/Abilities: Instead, he was gifted with extraordinary dexterity, perfect physique, and a determination for becoming the best handler of weaponry/equipment (which mostly comes from his compulsive need to compensate for the size, or rather the lack thereof, of his…).