Farewell to the fan-service chapter.

Abt_Nihil on Oct. 6, 2011

Mr Imp uses his superhuman stretch powers to valiantly fight…
…stretch marks? Ahem. I had always intended to supply a pin-up for HA #4, but never quite got around to it, so consider this my late contribution.
Bleeder © LustyJin
Comet Kid © Hero
Mr Imp © Wes_Nero123
Bombshell © myself

Also, a few other things I need to get off my chest (no pun intended):

Huge thanks to fukujinzuke for writing/managing HA #4! I hope everyone had as much fun reading this as I had working on it… AND reading it afterwards :P And more thanks to fukujinzuke for providing more updates last week to bridge a looming gap.

Still more thanks go out to all of YOU for your support and especially for voting for HA in the dd awards!

So, what's next?
- HA #5 is written by long-time HU and HA contributor Hero and is going to start updating next Monday.
- HA #6 is going to be a landmark issue - a crossover between HU and HA, and at the same time, a tie-in to Energize: Hunted. Written by Nepath and myself, and if you'd like to contribute some artwork, please either sign up in the forums, send me a PQ, or just mention your willingness to draw a page or two in a comment right here.