HA #6 Cover by Nepath

Abt_Nihil on May 21, 2012

And here… we… go!

This cover was made by Nepath, and it connects with his cover from Energize: Hunted #4. Nepath is going to post a link to the combined version over on Hunted soon, I think!

I don't think I'll promise too much when I say that this chapter will seriously shake up the HUniverse's status quo. Together with the climax of Energize: Hunted, it will mark the end of the HU you've come to know when HU was still a community project, and set the stage for future developments of HA and the relaunch of HU Nepath and Spudsy have been working on.

It also marks a mid-season climax in HA's “first season”, which, in its entirety, is going to run for about 10-12 chapters.

For now, pages for this chapter are going to update weekly, until more pages are completed. Then the update schedule is hopefully going to go back to Mondays/Thursdays.

Thanks for reading and commenting, and for all your support! For everyone who has posted or signed up on the forums lately - sorry if I haven't been able to get back to everyone individually. There's a lot to organize. So, for everyone who likes to get more involved, please don't forget to post in the stories thread as well, since that is where new chapters are born and the current storylines are shaped :3