HA #9: RISE (Cover by Abt_Nihil)

Abt_Nihil on May 8, 2014

And so it begins…!

Artwork provided by myself.

When I first considered doing the cover a few months ago, this was the image I wanted to depict. Since then, I've considered some alternative options, but in the end, this just felt right. HA #9 was written around a script sux originally wrote, and Kaine, Peligroso and Azumorph teaming up had been the core idea of the script. Plus, they're awesome together! (And yes, everyone loves drawing Azumorph with a mace - myself included ;p)

Fun fact: This is actually my first cover for HA (So far I'd only provided colors for issues #0 and #3).

Thanks for reading and commenting! (By the way, the plan is to go back to updating Thursdays for now.)