Heroes Alliance Season 1 Overview

Abt_Nihil on Oct. 25, 2016

First off: Heroes Alliance won “Best Community” Project again this year! Woot woot!

Secondly, this overview is not just meant to show how awesome everything has been for HA since its inception in 2009, and that it's been going strong for almost seven years now (which is pretty great though, right?), but that we're planning to keep on going, and to boldly go where no community project has gone before! (I mean, seriously, we've probably set some records along the way, right?)

In order to keep going strong, we need your help: We need you as contributors. As always, you can contribute in a myriad of ways – with characters, stories, artwork, what have you (see the forums) – but most importantly right now, we need artists for the next chapter. I've created a thread just for this purpose, so please go and take a look (and sign up)!

Also, ironhand's R.I.S.E. short story is supposed to update next. So, R.I.S.E. short story artists, please churn out some pages! ;)

As always, thanks for the great support from all of you!