Chapter Six - Page 157

jgib99 on June 1, 2008

Hey Duckies. Here's the newest page for ya'. Hope that you like. Sorry its a little late. My weekend was a little busy.

We have plenty of cameos on this page as Rihanna's power is displacing more people. In the second panel on the top right. We have Daryl from Jimeth's Epic Adventures, and Uriah from Janen's Per Ardua. In the big panel. We have Ezra from Mister Kent's Blood Groove, Jake from Desiree Dee's Unknown, Deme from NPC_Girl's NPC, Brio from amanda's comic Salt The Holly, Ultra Girl from legacyhero's Hero Force, And the three sitting at the table are Kevin, Brad, and MC Creedy from a new webcomic I'm starting in late June called Hitting Rock Bottom With the Creedys.

I'll see you later. I'm ready for some sleep.