An Update! Please Read the Comments

yukiyoma on Dec. 23, 2008

I know that this isn't an update of the comic. I have some news about that. The author and I HATE the way its going right now, we just don't have the inspiration to to continue this story. BUT IBE is not dead! I promise. We'll be back on January 17th.

We are doing a complete overhaul of the story, working it out so that we like it. Terra Rose, Beverly and Bill will still be in the comic, the villain as well, but we just need to revamp the setting, the way its going, even how the whole thing gets started. It feels like we're running into a brick wall with the way its currently going. So, Mid January (after my christmas contract runs out) we'll be starting up again, with way more vigor, and a buffer too so that if I get sick you'll still have an update.

Now, between now and then, I will still be working on a comic. This one I'm writing myself just as practice because I got a tablet and when IBE comes back i want to be able to draw it on the computer. My markers just aren't reliable. I mean they're all dead right now, so I can't update. So hopefully I'll manage to get the hang of computer coloring for when we return. This picture is a preview of the comic I'll be doing as practice, and as of this moment I can't decide on a title. Is Candied Blood better, or is Sunkist (pronounced Sun-kissed). Its a vampire girl love story~

Please let me know your thoughts on all of this, I am sooooooooooo sorry to be putting IBE on such a long Hiatus, I just… need to find a way to keep IBE exciting and fresh for me. I'm sorry D:

(Oh I also forgot to mention, I'm working on a novel and I just need some time to get that done. I really am sorry for all these long waits I've put you through. but, January will not only bring the new year but the return of Bev and Terra Rose.)