A bit of news... okay, a lot of news.

CiSuggs on Nov. 13, 2011

I didn’t quite imagine my first appearance in the comic would go quite like this. Anyhow, like the adorable version of me up there says, Indie Bones is drawing to a premature close. Trust me, if anyone at all is upset about this, I am more upset, as I hate quitters. If it makes you feel any better, I am reveling in self-loathing now! But really, not only is there not very much interest in the story, I’m not even that interested in it. I’m getting tired of churning out crappy pop culture jokes that are end up being horribly outdated since I work so far ahead of the actual posting date.
Loads of thanks to those who kept up with this comic, even to those who just gave it a passing glance. Special thanks goes to my family and friends who supported this crazy thing for the longest time. This idea has been with me since July, 2010. It’s been fun, but for now I think I should take the time to get back to doing what I love instead of just doing what I think I should do.
If you are for some reason still interested in seeing my work, I’m on twitter and Google+, and I plan to start uploading some fun stuff and maybe get some illustration work going now that I’ve freed up a big chunk of time with this news.