Batman and the Doctor

KAM on Feb. 19, 2018

Was going through some art folders on my computer and found this, scanned in, but still in the clean-up stage.

At CBR Brian Cronin has a mostly weekly feature called The Line It Is Drawn where people make suggestions and a group of artists he's picked draw the suggestions they like. It's a lot of fun. Occasionally artists get busy, get jobs, disappear mysteriously and he picks some new people to be artists and I believe this was my last attempt to be picked as a artist.

My imagination was my undoing. Teaming up Batman and the doctor I had a mental image of an old 100 page The Brave and the Bold comic with one big image for the main story and smaller images for the other stories in the issue. I figured I'd draw different versions of Batman with different Doctors. A nice idea… if I had more than a week to draw it in (dumb-dumb-dumb)

Eventually I decided to focus on one image, and I thought I would try to draw them in the style of Jim Aparo. As you can tell it looks nothing like the work of Jim Aparo. Oddly enough it looks like I was trying to ape The Simpsons. (d'oh!)

I decided to finish it up for the fanart page, but oddly, once I started working on it again, I couldn't stop. Not even to work on Monday's cartoon. Ah, well.