Page 13: issues 5 (On the Run) and Special 1 (Sysyphus Part 1)

shastab24 on May 18, 2012

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Top page: Finally, I name Sparkle, and I also put a very finite timeframe to when this issue takes place, which is right after the first arc of Energize.  Astral never heard of those events because he's always out being a superhero.  He doesn't watch the news as much as he should.  A few other things to say: I'm obviously still working on drawing a few things, including people in the background and police in general.  Also, that misshapen monstrosity the news guy is holding is supposed to be a camera.  It really didn't come out looking like it should have.
Bottom page: The appearance of a living Albert Quad puts a timeframe on the special issue, too.  While the Comfortably Numb cameo already did so, nobody (save one person who was kind enough to send me guest strips) ever read that comic.  But Albert Quad and SMOG are from the KAMics.  Heck, the girl he's talking to is also from that comic.  This page makes it certain these events take place before the end of the Crossover Wars.  They actually take place before the Wars at all (but not long before).
Monday: Both issues wrap up