Page 12: issues 6 (The Trial) and Special 2 (Sysyphus Part 2)

shastab24 on June 19, 2012

I'm putting together a crossover project which will run through many different comics.  It will also be a benefit for the Hero Initiative.  If you're interested in being a part of it, e-mail me at or PQ me on this site.
Top page: I kind of drew Astral's boots a bit small.  But the poses here were interesting to draw, and panel 4 is sweet to me.  Purple Power may have come off a bit gruff, but he's still a nice guy.  And panel 12 is another one of my over-detailed hands that I seem to like to draw.  Over-detailed because of the lack of detail everywhere.  Sparkle is not supposed to be hitting the wall incredibly hard, just hitting something.  Of course, it still triggers the agony beam…
Bottom page: Steve's so awesome you need two of him!  Future Steve was introduced in the Halloween Cameo Caper for 2007, where I am now.  This is on the planet of Dahk-Tuin and this time Chaos was a part of the Caper.  Tempore came in too late again, but this time we can see how close he came.