Page 6: issues 7 (Point Me at the Sky) and Special 3 (Sysyphus Part 3)

shastab24 on July 10, 2012

I'm putting together a crossover project to run through next year and go through many webcomics.  It also will attempt to benefit the Hero Initiative with print versions.  If you're interested in participating, e-mail me at or PQ me on this site.
Top page: I actually like the first panel.  One of my better fists I've drawn.  I also know that the Swimmer is leaning in the wrong direction in panel 6, but my original intention was to not have the girlfriend visible, and the Swimmer was craning to see if she was in there.  But then I drew her in the previous panel and never corrected panel 6.  But you get a little more about the character of the Swimmer here, which is why I included it.  Besides, a hero should always strive to return stolen property.
Bottom page: Tempore has entered the dimension of Ringo from the Crossoverlord.  He's a being that keeps realities separate, and was a target of the titular Crossoverlord (aka the Smiling Man), a villain who was trying to merge all realities.  Also, it seems Tempore has turned faster than a human would, becoming a zombie (more of a ghoul, but zombie is a more used term).  Since the zombies of the Nonimporton Mall were fixated often on what they were drawn to in life, Tempore would of course only be interested in order, not brains.