Page 5: Crossover Melee 4 - The Grand Vizier's Garden Party Part One: Entrance

shastab24 on July 8, 2013

Last page you got the “Grand Vizier” part of this storyline, now you can see where the “Garden Party” comes in.  But this Grand Vizier is a little… off, now, isn't he?  His dialogue is pretty fun to write, even though it can be difficult to make people understand what he's saying through it.  I hope none of it is confusing.
In case you're wondering, Deviant is the same bartender that appeared in issue 4.  His name's finally been said in the comic, though.  I was at the actual 501 and the man he's based on (and supposed to look like) was nearby–and now I know I really should tweak things.  Specifically, his nose should be more Roman, he should have sideburns and his hair should tuft up a little in front.  That's what I get for trying to draw from memory when I never look anybody in the eye (darn my possible Asperger's Syndrome!).  Fun fact: he's Filipino but looks white, since, as he says, he got horribly sunburned once and his skin never regained a dark color after peeling.  It's possibly because he's only 1/4 Filipino.
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