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cartoon on Nov. 16, 2011

So while I was googling my name I came across this poorly drawn comic. Hehe, funny how much in 2 years I have grown as a artist and cartoonist (and I am still growing). You basically MISSED A LOT when I was doing these comics. Here I am going to fill you in right now!
- Got a real girlfriend
- Dated for 7 months
- graduated highschool
- got broken up with
- went to art school for fine arts
- suffred major depression for a year
- Made my first graphic novel
- Published said graphic novel
- finished my year program
- full time worker
- relased first comix WELL SHIT #0
- moved cities to go to an animation program in Hamilton Ontario
- relased first comix WELL SHIT #1
- working on WELL SHIT #2
your caught up (in a nut shell).
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- Kevin Zaworski