Chickenman 3, Chickens in Time

Kevinspaintpictures on Sept. 4, 2008

The long anticipated chickenman sequel. Here's the details, Chickenman goes on a covert op mission in search of plans for a weapon of mass destruction, for “Operation: Cooking Oil”. As he hides within the enemies base, a guard suspects his treatury. Chickenman knew what had happened, so he decided to take out the guard and dipsose of his body. The alarms went off and chickenman knew he had been caught, he knew it couldn't be the end. He ran into the kitchen and did what any chicken would do, hid in the main dish platter. After dinner had been served he listened to the conversation, as follows.

Sinko Demakako: So, it is ready for launch, no?
Finkleharker McStoofenhower: Jes, it is, how you say, “Ready for mass distrubution into the united states unless we get paid the said amount of money that we asked them, but they may not give it to us so there ya go”.
SD: Excellent
Harstaffonus Vancouvenmier: Wow that chicken looks disgusting, pass the peas please.
SD: I would but then I'd have to kill you.
HV: I'd like to see you try…
Sinko Demakako shoots Harstaffonus Vancouvenmier in the face.
SD: So the password for self destruct is “5b5b5b5b5b5b5b5b5b5010101010101010101010101919191919182828282783737373737”
FM: K.

Chickenman, after thrown in the garbage, ran to the control panel, popped the self destruct code, mission complete. As escaping, he was confronted by a 50s version of himself who killed him… and the rest will be revealed as I pop up the clips.