Episode 7C

Supersonic DBZ on Dec. 18, 2006

Here we go. As the holidays draw near, college work slows down, and more comics can come your way! Thanks alot to the fans that I do have and here's hoping that I gain many more, however, please rate EPISODE 7A. It has no ratings, thus wondering me to think that maybe people missed it. Anyway…

In this issue, the truth about Traverse town being revived is revealed and the next world becomes defined. And here's a spoiler note:

***Skip to skip spoiler note!!!***

Before Sora's team leaves off for good, someone's going to have to make the ultimate sacrifice…

***End Spoiler Note***

Also of notice. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. I repeat, I will look at any serious suggestions! I will need ideas later on for planets for Sora and crew to go to and viewer interaction should play apart of that, no? Anyway, Happy Holidays! And I hope to hear from you soon and more often!