Kloteck Omen p.12

kahvie on June 10, 2007

Wut? Already? Man, that's a first. I finished the coloring for this last night, and literally did not get to sleep until about 7 in the morning the last two days of working on it. Never again.

Be glad I didn't write out some long-ass speech for Nightshade, otherwise I would have gone all obsessive-compulsive and drawn out pages upon pages of her walking around talkingD:. This page also refers back to the litter that Nightshade and Winchester lost. The second mate that Night brings up here also refers to Winchester's first mate, who passed away from an illness before Night came along (not Kahvie…Win raised Kavs, so obviously their relation is that of a father/daughter).

Anyways…someone is gonna get it in the next page.