lba on Nov. 23, 2007

A quick note to those about to try and work their way through this monstrosity of an archive: These first thirty-eight comics you are about to see are some of the laziest, quickest, most poorly drawn things I ever did. Some of them are juvenile, stupid and downright silly. They were almost all drawn in about 5 minutes using only a computer mouse and Adobe photoshop 4 when I was in high school trying to kill time, quite a long while ago. I continued the project later on, simply because I needed something to distract myself from life's troubles at the time. As such they're not the best thing I ever produced, nor are they the funniest. In several cases they almost seem like an incoherent, angry rant to me. But for all that, they were the beginning, and as a result of my own ignorance at the time, they have a certain charm ( At least to me they do. ). Since then, the work and the person doing it have learned and changed a lot. However, instead of going back and redoing them, I've simply decided to leave them as is, as an example of what you can start with and end up doing.

Plus, it's extra work I don't want to do these days.

June 17, 2008