World 2, Page 4

NAAN on July 14, 2011

Wow, ok, Drunk Duck finished updating the website XD Now all my prettiness is gone and will be for a while…while I figure out how to make the dang settings actually SAVE. XD
So enjoy the blankness of this mirror site for now. At least I have links and a header image! :D
Here's what should have been the original comment on this page:
Oh hi, Mrs. Hoshihana. Your entrance was very sudden.


I would've liked to write a better entrance for her, a lil more
emphasis…but at the same time I didn't want to forego what's going to
cutely happen in the future :P (well, *I* think it's going to be cute).
That, and I really couldn't think of another way. To me, this is the
best way to introduce Miyara's mom, despite conventional rules.

Also, bottom tones, why did you export so weirdly?

Also, this feels like filler :S