Chapter One

MuriraRK on Sept. 19, 2006

Hiya, everyone of Drunk Duck! I figured I'd give my comic a whirl here, but I've got more pages up at SmackJeeves…which I think I might like better than Drunk Duck. It's got that homely feeling over at SmackJeeves. Anywho, here's my comic! Forgive the first 10 or so pages – I was still learning how to work Photoshop (6) when I was toning them, so the toning is waaay subpar. ^_^

Updates every other day until it catches up with SmackJeeves! Bwee! I'll try not to forget. ^_^"

CLICK HERE TO BEGIN AT THE ACTUAL PROLOGUE. It's incredibly annoying to rearrange lots of pages, so I figured I'd just leave it. Also, I did the prologue AFTER I did Chapter One, since I realized I didn't do a good job of starting Lexcore, and also because I didn't want to start over from scratch, which seems to plague a lot of artists.