Joff on April 1, 2007

Suprise :)
Once again my time-management skills are called into question as I find myself needing to fit in a lot of plot into my update schedule. So you get a few larger format comics until I'm able to use my normal format again.

The WCA is something called “Web Comic Awareness” which has been making the rounds in a few comics recently.. Chaos is one of the few characters who isn't affected by it, because he has always been aware that he's a comic character. He's been activly supressing WCA in the comic, because he enjoys being different.

His new friend who was brought to us by militant Platypi is Summer from Public Humiliation http://www.drunkduck.com/public_humiliation/index.php
And yes. She is going to steal from Steve. When Chaos makes a plan, it tends to be a very convoluted one indeed