#500 - "Ist Thou Ready to Rocketh?"

Joff on April 1, 2008

See… Late comics are the way the world reminds me not to brag about getting the last comic up on time..

Anyhoo, we made it! #500! Thank you so much for reading and supporting this endeavour into the more insane fringes of my mind.. and I hope you'll all be willing to see just how far I can go. I know I am :)

Thanks and appologies to those who's characters I mutilated for this.. And I m personally a little disappointed with myself for not having more Cameos… But Hogan Threatened me.

Anyway, guests shown (sorta) in no particular order:

Buckley from Pinkerton: http://www.drunkduck.com/Pinkerton/

Cedrick the Burning Lord from D.D.S.R.:

Brunhilda, amazingly accepted the invite.. and we dragged the Trunk in too from the KAMics:

Myself, My dear Lacy and my friends Wes, Andrea, Damian and Vicki,
some of whom appear in the other comic I do, The Goldfish Bowl:

Tannie from Byte Me:

Adam from Antcomics:

Baby, from Magical Misfits, has a bonus point for knowing Steve when he was much younger:

Azriel from Zoe Stead's Earthbound makes his obligatory appearance for the party:

Zoe from Wolf:

Michael toasts the Reaper with the rest of us, from The Author:

The maniacal Orange Bunny has probably met our insane reaper before now:

Wolfy joins in from Woolley Thinking (Hope to see you back with the comic soon Wolfy):

Nico strangely doesn't feel quite so out of place amongst this crowd:

And lastly, the man who is glaring towards me with a firey axe is the Mighty Hogan (HA! I still cameo'd!) :

And as a special extra.. Hogan's threat: